Since 1 January 2008 gifts to foundations that have been marked as 'a general useful institute' (ANBI) have been made deductible of the taxable income in the Netherlands.

Kalyani Foundation has been given the ANBI status since the 14th of January 2011, what does this mean for you?

In the Netherlands, gifts to charities or other organisations and foundations with ANBI status (also known as ‘general useful institute’) are deductible from the taxable income. This means that when you donate to the Kalyani Foundation, you can deduct this gift on your tax return.

Two kinds of gifts have been recognized:

  • normal gifts
  • periodical gifts

To be able to deduct a normal gift, the receiving charity has to have ANBI status and you do not get anything in exchange for your gift. There is minimum of 1% (with a minimum amount of € 60,-), and a maximum of 10% of your threshold income. Any gift(s) over the minimum amount and below the maximum percentage can be deducted. To be able to fully deduct periodical gifts, you need to donate for a minimum of 5 years in a row to the charity. There is no minimum or maximum deductible amount for periodical gifts.

For more information about gifts go to the Dutch websites or