The Kalyani Foundation puts in new questions regularly.

Is your question not among these? You can ask us through the contact form. You can also let us know what you think of our work or site through this form. We would really appreciate this! Thank you.

Optimal use of our website

To make optimal use of the website, you must accept cookies. Our “sponsor a child” module uses a pop-up window which does not work if you do not accept cookies. You can change these setting in the web browser. Annoying but this may occur. If you make the needed changes and reload the page again, you can continue.

How do I get informed about the progress of the child?

After registration and payment you will receive a photo and background information. With our newsletter we keep our sponsors and donors informed. When the children pass their training we will send you a picture by email. If you want to know more please contact us, we will help you out.

How does the foundation controls the money flow?

Your donation goes directly to our partner organization. Your donation pays our partner organization, teaching materials and training. Parents, teachers and school directors receive no money in hands. This allows that the flow of money is short, clear, transparent and verifiable.

Am I the only sponsor of a child?

You are indeed the only sponsor of the child. This way you are personally involved. If you decide later to do a long term support of the child, please contact us

What kind of education do the children get?

All children start with a 3 month beginners course, followed by an exam. Then there is the possibility to sign up for a 6-month training course. We work continuously an improvement of the curriculum and expanding the programs. 

How can I sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child directly true our website. If you need help, please send us a email

Where to bring my things?

Great, you want to donate some things!! You can do this in two ways. You may send it to us by post. Please let us know by sending a message so we know to expects your package. If you live in the region and want to bring it by yourself then you may do so at the following address: Karnemelksluis 12, 1601 PK in Enkhuizen.

How do I become a supporter?

You can become a supporter by clicking the link become a supporter. There you can fill in your details. After we receive your application, you will get a confirmation via email. Supporters receive the Kalyani Courant (newspaper) every quarter with all the latest news. You can be a supporter from only €5,- per month.

Can I donate just once?

Yes, you can! We welcome your donation very much. You can transfer your gift to NL 29 RABO 0155.7283.77 in name of The Kalyani Foundation in Enkhuizen, Holland. You can arrange this through your own bank or online on our PayPal website. You can click here to make your donation. Thank you very much!

Can I become a volunteer?

Yes you can! Do you think it would be nice to help us with our activities, events and recruitment campaigns next to your work or study? Then we need you!

Perhaps you have a good idea or suggestion. Please send us an email on info@kalyani.nl with your idea, suggestion and your motivation why you would like to be a volunteer for us. We will then contact you as soon as possible!

How do I change my address details?

You can send us your new address by emailing to info@kalyani.nl with “address change” as the subject. When we receive your message, we will update your address as soon as possible.

What does being a supporter contain?

Thank you for your interest in our foundation and her goals. The money you donate will this year be used for the current projects  For a wider explanation we would like to refer you to the running projects on the site. We hope to welcome you as a supporter soon!

How can I pay my donation?

You can donate once or monthly through payment via PayPal, iDeal or through an automatic bank transfer to our account NL 29 RABO 0155.7283.77. You can click here to transfer your donation. The foundation, but mainly the orphans, are very grateful!