IT Centra Butalla

IT Centra Butalla

On the 1ste of October 2013 an IT Computercenter opened in Butalla possible by a computer donation

The Monoragala district lies to the east of Sri Lanka and is called the Dry Zone. It is one of the poorest areas of Sri Lanka and this is because there is little to no tourism. Because of this, many children living here, have never seen a computer. In cooperation with the Dry Zone Development Institute, children can now follow a 3 month computer course. During this course the basics of a computer are explained:

  • What is a computer?
  • How do I use a mouse and keyboard?
  • How to open folders, programs, documents?
  • And finally, how does Mircrosoft Word and Paint work.

The IT center is led by Manager Tissa Ariyarathna and his team of teachers. Everyday groups of students follow lessons. On June 22th, 2015 the first batch of 120 students succeeded for the course. They all got a certificate which they can use for future jobs.

In order to keep the school open and expanding we started to pay for the teachers salary and maintenance to the building and computers. The school is located in Butalla which is surrounded in an area of 11 districts where this type of courses are not easy to find. Three schools are now open in Butalla, Medagama and Okkampitiy. So there is a huge enrollment of new students. Unfortunately, there are also alot of children that do not have the money to pay for the courses. For these children we are looking for sponsors. For an amount of €35,- you can become a sponsor of a single child by giving them eductaion.

Do you want to support us with this project? Donate now on NL 29 RABO 0155.7283.77 or sponsor a child true our module below.

At this moment Kalyani Projects is running a fundraiser on the Indiegogo platform Generosity. Are you a Dutch resident and want to sponsor an individual child, please go to our “Sponsor a child” page on the Dutch version of the website: