About us

The Kalyani Foundation is a friend for Sri-Lanka and supports hospitals and orphanages in Sri-Lanka. This way, we want to create continuity for both institutes in their existence and future.

Kalyani Projects is a friend for Sri Lanka since January 2011. We are located in Enkhuizen. The foundation is very young and has a lot of enthusiastic energy, ambition and the perseverance to reach the goals it sets. Its mission is to support as many orphanages and hospitals in Sri Lanka. It supports them with goods and money. Our vision is to make sure that every child in Sri Lanka gets as much love and care as it needs and that every hospital patient gets as much as good care as needs

For this, it raises funds in order to continue financing and, where necessary, to start new and current projects. Its most recent projects include the and Dry Zone Computer Institute where it started computer training for children from the regions. The foundation is not able to provide financial assistance and material support without people who do not feel affected by our projects.

So come help us achieve our goals for the year 2016 and is also a true friend of Sri Lanka.
Do you have a clearer picture of the projects Kalyani for deployment, we refer you to the project page
Without your help and support, we aren’t able to give financial support for this project…so help us out achieving our goals for 2016 and become a real friend for Sri Lanka. You can find all the projects the Kalyani Foundation is working on at our projectpage.

What will happen to your donation?

Your donation will be used for realizing our running and new projects. A great deal of our focus this year is on the Dry Zone Computer School"