ANBI conditions

From January 1st 2014 the regulation changes for ANBIs. There are a number of conditions which aim to promote public confidence in the philanthropic sector.

The Kalyani Foundation naturally wants to preserve its ANBI status and therefore here are the new data, drawn up by the Dutch Belastingdienst (Dutch tax), which we have to make public through our internet site:

Kalyani Foundation
Kruislaan 51
1601 PK Enkhuizen, Holland
Tax number: 850190009

Ramona Kalyani de Wit-van Ark
Kruislaan 51
1601 PK Enkhuizen, Holland

Anita de Wit-Koolhaas
Karnemelksluis 12
1601 JR Enkhuizen, Holland

Richard van Ark
Kruislaan 51
1601 PK Enkhuizen, Holland

The Policy
The foundation’s goal: gradually or otherwise support orphanages and hospitals in Sri Lanka, particularly (but not limited to):

a. support through donations of money and supplies for orphanages and hospitals;
b. building a private orphanage and / or educational institution;

and further to engage with one another directly or indirectly related or may be conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense

Remuneration Policy
Kalyani aims to spend your gift as much as possible to actual assistance to orphanages, hospitals and schools. However, the foundation also incurs costs for fundraising. You can think of promotional material and other similar communications. We would like to be as transparent as possible towards you as a donor or sponsor, for more information please consult our annual report on this.

Both the Board and the volunteers do all their work on a non-profit basis. That is, no one receives a salary or other compensation for her or his work.

The goals
Our goal is to support as many Hospitals and Orphanages in Sri Lanka with money and materials. It is our vision that every orphan in Sri Lanka may receive the love and care that every child should get, and that every patient in Sri Lanka receives proper care in a Hospital. With the vision to set up their own Orphanage and/or educational institution.

A report of the activities performed, and the financial statements of 2016, beginning in January 2017 will be posted online on our website, under the sub-menu ‘About us’.