Establishment of the Kalyani Foundation

The Kalyani Foundation is established in January 2011. In 2006 Ramona de Wit went back to her homeland Sri Lanka. She was adopted at a very early age of 3 months, by her Dutch fosterparents. This trip back to Sri Lanka was arranged through the Travel company Shoestring. As a tourist she visited some beautifull locations throughout the country. This was a great experience! During the strip someone asked for a possibility to visit a local school. Instead of going to a local school, the travellers ended at a small orphanage. A Priest was helping the children in the orphanage. He started with a small amount of children, and ended up with 50 orphans. Many of the orphans lost there parents in the Tsunami. All the travellers, including Ramona, were touched deeply when they listened to the horrible stories. Ramona came up with a lot of questions, for she could have end up an orphan herself.

At home Ramona developed a plan to help the orphans in Sri Lanka. Especially for the children who have to leave the orphanage when they become 16 years old. Just graduated and only 21 years old, Ramona decided to get some experience by working, before she would start helping the children in Sri Lanka. The experiences she made, are now helping her running the Kalyani Foundation.

A new trip to Sri Lanka was planned in 2010. This time Ramona wanted to see the reality of Sri Lanka in stead of all sorts of nice locations for tourists. Along with her parents and boyfriend (nowadays her husband), she visited several orphanages. They visited the Lakwase Girlhouse whitch was located at Polonnaruwa, in the north. They visited a hospital in Kandy, for the father of the travelguide became ill and asked them to come along. Everyone was shocked by the site of this hospital. The hospital was nothing like the hospitals back in Holland. The circumstances in which the hospital is run, is dramatic. If you could manage to find just a simpel plastic chair to sit on, you would be very lucky…

This was the moment for Ramona to realize she still hadn’t done anything for Sri Lanka and when she got back home in Holland, she immediately shared her plans and dreams with her family and friends. Everyone became enthousiastic and in 3 months time, the Kalyani Foundation was officially established, in Februari 2011. The first actions taken was give help to the Lakwasi Girlhouse and the Kandy hospital by donating materials for there was no experience in running a foundation. Still, in October this same year, the Kalyani Foundation shipped a 20ft sea container to donate all the collected materials for the orphanage and hospital. Also a small hospital in Sigiriya received materials from the foundation. A great start for this new, young foundation!

Ramona is now running the Kalyani Foundation for 8 years as the chairwomen. Still, she is very enthousiactic about all projects and the new ones to be set up. Every year Ramona adjusts the goals for the Foundation and tries to achieve better and greater goals with her small but worthy foundation and help Sri Lanka in this way.